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Saturday, April 06, 2019

2019 * Creating Soft Pastels * Experimentation

Following my previous Blog Post about the creation of new pastel sticks from crumbs and pieces of used pastels (see:

After allowing the sticks to dry for about 3 days, I was ready to experiment.  The colors had brightened as the liquid evaporated.

The paper on hand was Hahnemühle PastellFix.  Next I am excited to try them on a more heavily sanded paper.

I decided to do a painting that would use mostly the colors I had created.  This photo attracted me (one I took in San Gimignano, Tuscany).  I prefer to use my own reference photos so from conception the paintings are my personal experiences.
inspiration photo of similar colors

The colors were rich.  The sticks were SO SOFT!  A wonderful buttery texture.  I had a friend online comment:  "Are those Terry Ludwig pastels?"  "No!  They are MINE!"  (Sweet!)

Tiny bits of uncrushed pastels pieces came through on the paper and added nice surprises to my painting - although they tend to have a harder consistency than the surrounding stick.

The painting is unfinished yet .. I didn't spend long on this preliminary layer.  I gave it a quick spray of SpectraFix (casein-based fixative, non-toxic) to add back some texture so I can return and see what happens next as I add more pastel!

Next:  play with these more on various papers and get better crushing tools (rather than just the rounded plastic lid of one of my jars).

I'm almost tempted to crush up good "whole stick" pastels  ..
just to create more of these!

first layer - playing!

"Creativity is contagious .. pass it on!"  ~Albert Einstein 

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