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Sunday, February 24, 2019

2019 * Pastel Painting Evolution * 2 of 5 * Feb 21

"Geranium"  (soft pastel on Mi-Teints)

Teaching.  I love sharing ideas, techniques and experiences, encouraging students and then watching them discover new media and applications and fresh ways of seeing the world.  While first teaching pastels in the 90s, I was often surprised at how my demonstrations would turn out.  Fresh and immediate.  More full of life than those paintings that received close scrutiny .. although those had their place too.  

With this geranium, I just threw my purple coat (yes, purple) over a chair and set the flower on top for a still life.  The resultant secondary triadic color scheme worked in an exciting way!  Color, texture, energetic strokes all came together.

I still own this painting.  It reminds me of the transition in my thinking of "focus focus, make it perfect" communicating the reality before me to allowing the Creative Spirit to flow through me and be my partner in the experience.  (My brother, a great poet, also share how this Creative Spirit works in many of his works .. not knowing exactly where the inspiration comes from .. but it flows through us in near magical ways!  Below is a link to his poetry page.)

The experience is amazing!  This was the dawn of my taking pastels more seriously as a finished medium.  The process rather than the product becomes my real joy.  And the resultant painting is more free, more exciting, more FUN!

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