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Thursday, February 28, 2019

2019 * Pastel Painting Evolution * 4 of 5 * Feb 23

#4 of 5 "Floating Fauna"
Floating Fauna

Fourth day challenge to post pastel paintings that mark steps my experience. While in France in 2016 and playing with watercolor and pastel (I call it "playing" because why should painting be "work"?!), I realized how HAPPY it made me to work in pastel. It flowed freely - fresh and immediate on the paper. I decided then to really focus on pastel painting. The purest medium with the least amount of carrier .. just ground pigment with a touch of something to hold it together!

I found that working on dark colors make the other colors sing. White paper just created more work, less interesting colors to me. I got inspiration from .. go figure .. television! When I realized what was done to intensify color on the screen. Here's my inspiration:

"Zenith introduced its first color TV sets for consumers in 1961 and quickly established itself as a leading brand. The 1969 introduction of the revolutionary “Chromacolor” black-matrix (negative guardband) picture tube doubled the image brightness of color television and established a new standard of performance for the entire industry."

For this image I used black Canson Ingres paper (yes, almost like painting on velveteen) and the image was jellyfish (one of my daughter's favorites). Playing with the luminescent colors and letting them sing was my intent. Fun strokes and colors.

Upon entering my first International Exhibit I was at a quandary as to which painting to enter. The ever-gracious, very talented, internationally recognized, and also Maine native, Lyn Asselta took time to check some of my work and suggested this one as the one to enter. (Thank you, dear friend!) And also by my mother, lifetime watercolor artist Rosalie Barden. They both have wonderful instincts and I was so greatly encouraged because the painting was accepted!

Pivotal point!

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