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Friday, March 01, 2019

2019 * Pastel Painting Evolution * 5 of 5 * Feb 24

#5 of 5  “Pemaquid Awash”
Pemaquid Awash
It’s the Fifth and final day of my challenge to post paintings that mark steps of my pastel voyage to the present.  This painting still brings me joy.  It is more emotive than other paintings, instinctively created – the flow from deep within of the Creative Spirit.  I used sanded paper with soft pastels and kole, strong diagonals, a good section of the paper color contributing to the painting.  Just a few details, plenty of impressionistic strokes, and then those final, fun wisps of vertical white.  I have NO idea why I added those at the last moment.  It just seemed JOYFUL and playful.  This painting was judged into an International show.  Wow.  That blew me away.  To be included in an exhibit with some of the best known pastel artists in the country!  Such an honor.  And encouragement!

Side note about leaving paper showing through.  I think this approach is influenced by my work in watercolor.  There is a “rule” in watercolor that says “leave 1/3 of your paper showing to create sparkle in the work.”  When I discovered toned pastel paper years ago, I started implementing a similar idea for pastels.  Not so much for the “sparkle” but for the aspect that the underlying color ties together the whole painting and contributes to the overall effect.  This is not as intense as the black paper I often use, but .. (hey, I could get all artsy and philosophical here, but ..)  I just simply REALLY enjoy it!

Moving ahead:  My biggest challenge currently is finding the time and space to work.  I am still in “itinerant” mode, living one spot and working in another.  I often lament those years when I had a dedicated space in my home, but life choices have me where I am presently and I make do.  Face the challenge and get it done.  “Just keep moving” I tell myself daily. 

I am greatly encouraged and inspired by the wonderful artists communities around me – both physically and on the Web.  Thank you all!  From time to time it is good to do a little self-analysis and exploration of our process and progress as artists.  Now to the next …

[This painting will be in the Pastel Society of Maine Spring Member Show in May.  

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