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Sunday, February 16, 2020

2020 * February * We Are All Artists

A poem about art by my talented brother:

Time drips as color ...
Minutes like sable bristles, bound,
Lay down the hours
In fading bands of value ...
What are the colors of a life?
How do intent and purpose and error
Influence what's put to paper?
Instant and interval are the palette,
But passion is the pigment,
Desire, the light that affects hue ...
Method and realization, the design,
Effort, the hand that steadies the tools.
We each paint our own portrait -
Abstract or photorealistic,
Impressionistic or conceptual,
Surreal or minimalist ...
We are ALL artists,
In command of the grandest composition,
The brush of ages in our grasp.
Cover the page as no one else will ...
Splash the paper in the colors of YOU,
With perspective, unique and joyous and bright,
Worthy of matting and framing,
And hanging on the wall ...
Of Eternity.
Copyright © Gregory R Barden, February 10, 2018
"Breach" ~ T.Dubreuil  (oil on canvas c.1985)

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